the story

Nestled on a 40 acre forested area next to a meadow, this home provides a stellar retreat for the owner's family and friends. The surrounding area is remarkably quiet except for the occasional bird song. Although the setting is lovely, the home itself was not what the owner would call their dream home. A complete redesign of the interior included removing the enormous stone fireplace and the large over-scaled white columns, which crowded the floor space in the main living areas. Walls between rooms in the public areas were opened up, and a grid of exposed columns and beams were introduced that extended up to the twenty foot high ceiling.  Slate tile was installed on the floor throughout to provide a tough surface for dogs and kids, and a new double sided fireplace was added.  This dramatically changed the feeling of these areas into warm and spacious rooms.  An entirely new lighting scheme was built in with custom art glass fixtures to create cozy and cheerful evenings. Work also included renovation to the media room, exercise room, kitchen, powder room, office, spa, sauna, and master bedroom.  New furniture and rugs were selected and installed throughout, accented with a few custom art tables that honor the craftsmen aesthetic. 

project details