"Marilyn has provided interior design services for our family at two different homes as well as my office at work. We have worked with her for over 10 years.

We appreciate her ability to incorporate our contrasting tastes and styles into a design that reflects each of us and also serves the needs of our young family. She is responsive, helpful, thoughtful and creative. When we cannot source what we want or need, she designs it for us and finds someone to custom fabricate it. Marilyn listens carefully and reflects what we want in the choices that she makes for us. She also is very willing to work within a budget and respects our decision about the budget. She is top-notch!"

321 Medina - three projects, remodel


"We used Marilyn for two major remodels as well as for furniture purchases and custom furniture design. The remodels both involved significant custom work and a high degree of precision in the tile layout and finish carpentry. She has a great eye for color and detail, and thinks deeply about the assembly of the things she is designing. This makes her very additive throughout construction because she catches details that otherwise might be missed. In collaboration, she is very willing to incorporate our ideas into her design or provide thoughtful feedback when she has concerns about our ideas."

Home In the Woods - 4 projects, remodel & new construction


"Marilyn is a master listener. She captured all the nuances and details of our conversations, then prepared a thoroughly researched design. We appreciate her clean approach, artistic eye, and an interior remodel project we are thrilled to see realized. We think our house is beautiful and it turned out that way because of your ideas and attention to detail. When I'm home, I never want to leave! Thank you again for all you've done us."

The Blue House - new construction


"On the three projects where we have collaborated with Marilyn Deering, the owners overwhelmingly felt that choosing to involve her was the best decision they made!

Marilyn brings a comprehensive knowledge of living spaces, products and materials, and approaches homeowners with an easy manner, curious to understand their desires and lifestyle. And then, she just brings that to life in amazing ways!"

 Elaine Greggs - 4 projects, remodel & new construction


"Marilyn was able to take our primary structural designs and apply her keen eye to develop textures and forms that absolutely brought the work to life. She has an ability to get the build-team to understand her vision and then we all work together to see her designs through to the end. She's a pro!"

Tom Greggs - 4 projects, remodel & new construction


"We engaged Deering Design Studio at our Scottsdale property, the Papago Inn, to refresh our lobby, lounge and dining room. The mid-century modern look that they created has been widely acclaimed. Since this is a commercial property our project had strict cost controls. Deering Design Studio, Inc. met deadlines and budgets. We are looking forward to working with them on our next project - a 60 room refresh at the hotel." 

 Bret Wirta - two projects, remodel


"Marilyn has a great eye. She does a good job working with couples to find the sweet spot of design that all 3 --designer and both spouses-- are happy with. She understands family use/kid issues and  gets the different needs for a high traffic play room vs. a relaxing master suite. She is able to adjust designs for budgets, and she is warm, personable, and fun to work with. We love the spaces she's helped us create!!"

Mid-Century Modern - two projects, remodel





"Marilyn has an exceptional design sense. She quickly understood our wants and desires, which helped to reduce the amount of decisions we needed to make. We always felt she was totally committed to our project and we couldn't be happier with our new house. Thank you Marilyn!"

Lake Union Houseboat - new construction


"Before starting the project (full interior remodel) I had very specific ideas on what I wanted, however contradictory and difficult they may have been. Marilyn consistently returned with not only exactly what I asked for, but far better versions; more complete, higher quality, better integrated as a whole, and took things in directions that I would never have thought of much less found. Years ago a friend told me,

'When remodeling, design the movie set version of where you want to live.'  Marilyn has done exactly that."

Modern Collections - remodel


"When we were in the midst of our remodel, Marilyn came to our rescue.

Within moments of being on the site, she helped resolve several nagging design issues. After that, she continued to help turn our remodel from a task into a rewarding and satisfying process. She not only advised us with paint colors and other design features, she also worked with the builders to make sure the design of the new greenhouse window matched the house and was sound, among other examples. She was proactive-she not only answered questions, but asked them herself and challenged us to imagine other ways to look at our remodel-including removing a living room wall that served no real purpose-so that we made the most of our investment. She was readily available and went above and beyond, even working with the contractors when we had to be out of town."

 Dorothy Gibson - remodel


"Marilyn was absolutely instrumental in helping to get our living/dining room remodel off the ground. We had a file full of inspiration pictures and a vague idea of what we wanted the end product to be. Marilyn was able to coalesce the pictures and ideas into a concrete plan and see the project through from start to finish. Without her professional guidance, well trained ear and eye and impeccable good taste we would still be floundering. I silently thank her each and every time I walk through our front door!"

 The Brasels - remodel


"Marilyn turned our tiny empty place into the place we want to come home to. She kept within the boundaries we had and even gave us some previews of what it would look like when done.  Our house feels like living in a four star bed and breakfast."

Jen & Brian - two projects, remodel


Remodeling a 90 yr brick home is not an easy task. I hired Deering Design Studio, Inc. at the beginning of my journey in 2014. Marilyn and her team worked closely with the architect and contractor to ensure the design and quality met my dream and expectations. She listens to you and helps you make decisions that, in the long term, are right. She gave me options and price points to select, she is highly professional, knowledgeable and creative. My partner hired my contractor for his home in Port Ludlow and the contractor wants Marilyn on the job. She and her team were worth every penny. I am so pleased with the remodel. As a working professional woman, I could focus on the areas I felt most important. It was so much fun to spend time with her, reviewing the concepts and making the decisions. We started construction in May 2015 ...adding a 2nd floor to a brick house..retained the three rooms on the ground floor and completely gutted & refurbished the rest, plus the lower level. I moved in a year later in 2016. To this day I look at areas where Marilyn helped me and I smile!!

English Cottage in the City - remodel